Kimberly D. Avatar
Kimberly D.
2/25/2018 - Facebook

I love my brows! They look amazing! I highly recommend. Thank you, Robyn

Amanda A. Avatar
Amanda A.
10/21/2018 - Facebook

Robyn did a great job on my eyebrows. I trusted her completely to do my color correction and the results were amazing. She was really fun to work with, too. This is now my no make up look!

Paige H. Avatar
Paige H.
11/28/2017 - Facebook

Beautiful work, clean studio, great company. Love how my brows turned out 😍💕

Joanna F. Avatar
Joanna F.
12/04/2017 - Facebook

Great location. Usually downtown Geneva can get tricky to navigate, BUT this location is so easy to find. Lots of parking around so you can snag a spot. It is located above the Starbucks (*BONUS* Coffee and then perfect brows. What a combo) The studio is located within a Medspa. Such a high end feel. The environment is wonderful. Clean and sleek. Everyone within the Medspa is welcoming and friendly.

Microblading Process: I have never had anything done to my eyebrows besides the occasional clean ups from waxing plucking or threading. I was a bit nervous but Robyn put my worries to ease. Her personality is so warm and welcoming it made me feel like I was in such good hands. Her knowledge in the drawing process is AMAZING . She gave her professional opinion on what she thought my brows needed and in the end she was SO right.

When it was time to begin, Robyn will numb you. She has to prick your skin so the cream can settle, and this feels like you are plucking your eyebrows super fast. Didn't hurt at all. The actual blading process I did not feel since she numbed me with a cream.

After just 1 treatment with the microblading my brows are awesome. I love not having to draw them in anymore. I cannot wait to go back for my second appointment.

Ema C. Avatar
Ema C.
11/02/2018 - Facebook

Just can’t find the words to Thank You Enough! Day 3 and looking good. I had my eyebrows micro blade and tattooed in the past by other people, was I lost! Very happy and satisfied now. Robyn’s work and hands are so gentle can’t say I felt any pain.

Not only do I give her 5 stars but all the stars in the sky. A woman who helps another woman look and feel great is blessed. Thanks Robyn

Happy Friday!

Kristen M. Avatar
Kristen M.
4/27/2019 - Facebook

Very clean, very professional friendly relaxing atmosphere! This woman has skill!! I was fortunate enough to win my beautiful brows in a contest, but trust me you’re getting your money’s worth!! ❤️❤️

Hannah R. Avatar
Hannah R.
9/16/2018 - Facebook

Thank you Robyn for not only doing an amazing job on my brows, but fixing my prior microblading! You’d never know I had anything done before this! Still wild having all of the work done with a tattoo gun, but it turned out perfect. No redness/swelling/pain. Just up and walked out the shop with my new brows!! 12 out of 10 would recommend. Clean, gorgeous location. Professional and educated in what she does. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Thanks for improving brow lives day by day 😘

Marin R. Avatar
Marin R.
3/29/2019 - Facebook

Getting my eyebrows done by Robyn was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. Mornings are effortless now that I don’t have sparse, uneven brows. Such a time-saver and I feel that my face is more balanced now. If you are considering microblading, DO IT. You will not regret it!

Jessica M. Avatar
Jessica M.
12/12/2018 - Facebook

Robyn is awesome! She made sure I was comfortable at all times and went over every step of the process with me. I feel confident that she succeeds above other places in the industry with her professionalism and her wonderful personality. Can’t wait to get more work done by her in the future!

Juli N. Avatar
Juli N.
11/24/2018 - Facebook

Robyn is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and an amazing artist! I am thrilled with my results!

Gina G. Avatar
Gina G.
10/16/2018 - Facebook

Had my brows done. Could not be more pleased. They look so natural and I don’t have to do a thing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jenny R. Avatar
Jenny R.
3/30/2018 - Facebook

I love my new eyebrows!! Robyn did an amazing job! She definitely knows what she is doing and is a perfectionist!! I have never received so many compliments on my eyebrows! I only wish that I hadn’t waited so many years to get them done! It is so nice and convenient to not have to draw on eyebrows every morning! If you were thinking about it I would definitely recommend Robyn! The location is perfect as well, nestled in downtown Geneva!

Sophia H. Avatar
Sophia H.
5/11/2018 - Facebook

Robyn did an amazing job on my eyebrows! She was very nice and very helpful to achieve the color and shape I wanted � I was so nervous to get them done and I put it off for almost 2 years. Sooo glad I finally did!

Nichole E. Avatar
Nichole E.
2/24/2019 - Facebook

Microblading complete! Had a very friendly and professional experience today! Walked away very happy with my results! Looking forward to the touch up & shading in April!

Mallory L. Avatar
Mallory L.
11/30/2018 - Facebook

I got my lips done Tuesday and couldn’t be more pleased! The entire process (including the healing) was so easy! Robyn is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone! Now that I’ve seen her work I am going to get my brows done, which wasn’t something I even planned on doing. Amazing work☺️☺️

Krystle H. Avatar
Krystle H.
2/17/2018 - Facebook

Robyn is truly skilled at what she does, I highly recommend this studio for your eyebrow needs!!

Tricia G. Avatar
Tricia G.
6/20/2018 - Facebook

AHHH-MAZING! Robyn is a true artist. With a combo of microblading and nano hair strokes, I went from barely-there brows to the perfect arch in 7 days. Yes, of course there is still healing and a follow-up appointment to be done, but I’d be thrilled even if they stayed as they are.

If you have been thinking about it, stop thinking and go see Robyn. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Jessica V. Avatar
Jessica V.
5/14/2018 - Facebook

Robyn did an awesome job on my eyebrows. She numbed me to the point I fell a sleep almost the whole process. I must admit the first 3-4 days I walked around like wtf did I do to myself?!!!!Because I was not use to my new appearance and they were darker and thicker than usual. But once they healed they were perfect!! I am so in love with them. It’s cut down my getting ready time and sometimes I don’t even need to wear makeup. It’s great!
Thank you Robyn! See you at the second session.

Taylor C. Avatar
Taylor C.
8/04/2018 - Facebook

What a wonderful experience working with Robyn! I’m beyond satisfied with the outcome of my procedure. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on my brows and lips on a daily basis! The procedure was painless and she applied a numbing cream on me that worked wonders. Robyn talked me through all of the steps and made me feel at ease. I cannot wait to come back for my microneedling in a week to help with my red and textured skin. Not to mention the studio is impeccably clean and inviting. I totally love the services and all that Robyn has to offer. HIGHLY recommend!!! (:

Amanda M. Avatar
Amanda M.
3/04/2019 - Facebook

just got my brows done today and I'm so glad I went here. Robyn is a very talent lady. I'm in love with my brows for the 1st time in my whole life! thank you Robyn

Darlene B. Avatar
Darlene B.
12/07/2018 - Facebook

I am VERY picky with my eyebrows. They've been thinning for a few years and I was tired of penciling them in every day. After looking into the work Robyn does, I made the appt to have them done. She used the ombre technique on them.m and I LOVE how the turned out!!! I have my follow up after the holidays. I highly recommend going to Robyn!! I've already given her info to a few people too!

Katie K. Avatar
Katie K.
11/01/2018 - Facebook

I won the opportunity to have my brows done by Robyn and I'm so glad that I made the choice to get microblading done! I arrived to a super clean studio that was easy to locate and had parking nearby.

I've never done anything to my eyebrows before (plucking, waxing, threading...nothing), so I was definitely nervous, but Robyn put my mind at ease. The process isn't totally painless, but it was worth it. I'm on day 5 after the procedure and am looking forward to my follow up next month!