We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at all times. Questions the client might have before the appointment can be answered by contacting 630-492-1062 or inkandarchstudio@gmail.com. Clients may send photos of their brows and ask additional questions about the process and whether or not they are a good candidate for permanent cosmetics. Please read the pre-care and aftercare instructions, as well as all of our policies, as many frequently asked questions are answered there.
At the start of the appointment, I will measure your brows and use a waterproof pencil to draw on a shape that I feel is most flattering to your face. You are able to approve the shape and color before I begin. If we are unable to agree on an eyebrow shape/color or I feel you are not ready for permanent cosmetics, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment if I believe it is in your best interest.
Anyone under age 18 will not be able to undergo a permanent cosmetics procedure. Per the Department of Public Health, children under 18 are not allowed in the procedure room. A client is allowed to bring one additional person into the procedure room due to limited space. Children are not to be left unattended in the lobby and must be accompanied by adult supervision.
Cancellation Policy
All deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. With 1 week notice prior to cancellation the deposit may be transferred to next appointment. However, it is not the artist’s responsibility to find you another spot. You will have to rebook through the online booking system.
If you need to reschedule a prebooked 2 month touchup please take into consideration we book 1-2 months in advance. So if you can’t make it to your first touchup appointment you may be then need to rebook in for a before 6 months touchup (color boost) instead. Extra charges will apply.
Prices are subject to change. Any price adjustments will be listed on the Services & Pricing page. If you have had permanent cosmetics applied to your eyebrows by another artist in the past, you will be charged the full price of the first appointment.
Healed results vary from client to client. I cannot guarantee what your brows will look like once they heal. Not every skin type is ideal for permanent cosmetics; if you have very oily skin, the hair strokes will likely heal with a softer, more powdered look. If you are a smoker or iron deficient, your pigment will fade sooner due to the skin’s health and the way the body absorbs the pigment. If you have a thyroid condition, your pigment will likely heal lighter. If you have previously gotten a solid eyebrow tattoo, depending on how faded the old ink is, there is no guarantee that microbladed hair strokes will heal visibly over the old ink. I am still happy to do your brows if one of these scenarios applies to you, as long as you have realistic expectations. Additional touch-ups can be done and will be charged based on how much work needs to be done. In order to get the best outcome from this procedure, it is essential that you strictly follow ALL of the aftercare instructions.