Please blot the area throughout the 1st day and continue blot as needed with soft gauze or tissue.  If you should experience any scabbing, crusting, or flaking, please let it exfoliate naturally. This will prevent any unnecessary infections or additional pigment loss.  It is OK to lightly wash the brows after the 2 weeks, avoid scrubbing them

DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring and pigment loss!
COMPLETELY avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for a minimum of 4 weeks after your procedure.  Direct sunlight can cause the pigment to change color while it is healing and can also cause hyper pigmentation and scarring.
Avoid pool, sauna, steam rooms, hot showers and/or hot baths for 3 weeks.
Avoid sweating for a full 10 days. Any physical effort, gym, hot weather, any other activity that may cause sweating through or on the brows will cause the “hairstrokes” to blur under the skin, there is no fixing this.
Avoid sleeping on your face/brows for the first 10 days.
NO makeup or skincare products to be used on the treated area for two weeks.
NO facials, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
After 10 days, once the area has healed completely, consider using sunblock when going out in the sun to stop the color from fading.
Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for 2 weeks after your procedure.
Avoid Retin-A, Chemical Peels and Microderms around the brow area once healed.

AVOID ANY SKINCARE THAT HAS THE WORDS “ACID” “RETIN A” “GLYCOL” ON THE AREA TREATED! Look in your foundations and primers too, its in things that say “long lasting” or “Forever”

Typical Effects
Day1-2 The eyebrows are approximately 30 to 40% darker and bolder in width than they will be when healed. Your skin is red under the pigment which causes the color of the pigment to appear darker. There is some swelling, although difficult to see due to the thickness of the skin in the eyebrow area. This will subside. Exfoliation, which begins in a few days, will cause the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow procedure to flake away and a more narrow appearance will result. New skin will heal over the pigmented area and result in a softer appearance of your eyebrows. Don’t be concerned that your eyebrows initially appear darker and heavier in size than you desire. This is all part of the process.
Day3 Eyebrows will start to itch and will appear a bit thicker in texture. Natural exfoliation begins., do not exfoliate yourself.
Day4 The skin begins to flake- peeling from the outside edges first.
Day5 Color finishes flaking off and appears softer and greyer for 8 weeks until color clarifies.


  • Keep fingers off of the eyes! The bacteria on the fingers and hands may cause “pink eye” which is a bacterial eye infection.
  • Only use the Vaseline provided to you after the procedure for 10 days, or as needed, you cannot over use them. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH VASELINE ON THE LINER AS IT CAN IRRITATE YOUR EYES, IN THIS CASE, MORE IS NOT BETTER.
  • Eyeliner can and will have some residual pigment that may peel or flake off after a couple days(in most cases)..that is ok..eyeliner tends to fade more so than brows due to the moisture in the eye area. After the touch up the color stays better and lasts longer….Eyeliner will take 2-3 procedures!

EYELINER- Typical Effects

  • Day 1 Swollen like you’ve been crying, with a heavier eye makeup look.
  • Day 2 Swollen, usually for only a few hours after waking up, with the heavier eye makeup look continuing.
  • Day 3 Swelling decreases with a tight feeling. The pigments begin to lift away from the skin.
  • Day 4 There is a “pinching” feeling. Some itching is normal as the skin begins to flake. DO NOT PICK AT IT.
  • Day 5 Blinking movements of the eye usually removes all pigment by this day. Color is somewhat grayish and will take a few more days to clarify to full color.
  • If Desired, apply ice to lips for 10-30 minutes and again throughout the evening. Ice help swelling and aids in healing
  • Apply a warm (not hot) compress each morning after waking and several times throughout the day. (3X warm & a cool)
  • Apply the petroleum to lips prior to eating, brushing teeth or when applying ice packs.
  • Avoid hot, spicy, salty, or acidic food for 2 weeks.
  • Keep the lips moist with Aquaphor
  • Do not expose lips to the full pressure of water in shower
  • Do no soak in water
  • Absolutely no: picking, scrubbing or exfoliating of treated area. Allow your eyeliner to flake off on it’s own.
  • Do not expose to sun or tanning beds.
  • Absolutely no: soaps, cleansing creams or chemicals. (Incudes Retin-A, glycolic acids, anti-aging, anti acne)
  • Colors appear brighter and more sharply defined immediately following procedure. As the healing progresses, color will soften but the final color is not visible for about 4 weeks post procedure. Make-up may be used to tone color down until this time.
  • Continue to use aquaphor on lips for about 4-6 weeks.
  • The treated area WILL be very red the 1st 24hrs and will gradually lighten with each following day and will feel like a sun burn.
  • Itchiness and tenderness will be present during the healing process.
  • A gentle wash & moisturizer may be used to keep the area moist.
  • An aftercare kit is recommended (for purchase) for the 1st week after the procedure.
  • It is recommended to wash your face several times after the procedure with a gentle cleanser.(3-4 times a day)
  • The area MAY begin to shed/sluff after a couple days revealing new pink skin.
  • Healing is rapid and the results will be visible in just a few short days and continue to improve over months.
  • You can continue to use your skin care regimen(after 2 weeks) and apply makeup when needed. New makeup is recommended!
  • No direct sun exposure until pinkness subsides (use SPF always)